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Virtual, hybrid and in-person events –

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Even before lockdown, GRT were helping clients take their events to the next level. Our live-streaming solutions are carefully designed to make sure that your content reaches the people you need it to, and with both live and on-demand solutions, we can help make sure that your conferences and events are accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

MAXIMISE your production value

Our livestreaming solutions allow you to present a far more professional offering. With options for integrated on screen graphics, scrolling tickers, presenter names, company logos and playback of pre-recorded material.

We can also include your presenter slides and even include remote presenter feeds from remote locations.

We can really help take your event to another level by giving your virtual delegates a true Live Video Streaming production that they feel part of


If you want your event to be available on demand, we can help you integrate it within your existing web site and on your social media channels.

We can also help design a bespoke viewer landing page for your site.

Your landing page can have the option to sell sponsorship space, which could create a revenue stream to help cover the cost of your event.

We can provide fully password protected access if required, and you can even add your own sponsor video ads to add value for when sponsors are supporting your event.


For some time now, businesses have started to become creative with their events by holding hybrid events for their clients. We know (even more-so at the moment) that it’s not always possible to bring all your delegates together. Our hybrid solutions are designed to combine in-person and virtual events in a way that makes everybody feel they’re part of the event, no matter where they are.

We provide creative solutions that allow remote delegates to contribute and interact with your live event as if they were in the room.

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