The use of online conferencing such as Zoom, WebEx, Teams and the suchlike have taken over from where in-person events used to allow participants the freedom to meet and network with others, but has the quest for bigger and better online conferences gone too far?

Before lockdown in March 2020, most people who have presented at an in-person event had not had to do so in front of a webcam let alone a full studio setup complete with greenscreen and virtual set but that’s where many events have got to. The truth is, these environments can be scary places. Lots of lights and cameras, and in many cases more technology and computers than the average passenger aircraft. But is it all needed or have we gone too far? There’s something real about events that show presenters in their own home. If you’re presenting in front of your own laptop in your own lounge, study or kitchen then you’re probably fairly at ease (that is until one of the pets or children make an unexpected entrance), but generally you’re going to feel more at ease in front of the camera. That’s why remote events work so well. You don’t always need a studio to be able to hold a killer online event.