You’ve probably heard the term Zoom Webinar branded about lots recently, but what’s the difference between a Zoom call and a Zoom webinar, and why should you care? A Zoom call is where you have your team check-in. It’s where everyone is on the same call as the host, and everyone can (and often does) talk at the same time. As long as strict online meeting protocols are observed then everything should go well, but if not then a Zoom call can be a nightmare when you’re trying to deliver your online event.

That’s where the Zoom webinar comes in. A Zoom Webinar is more of a one-way virtual conference platform. It allows you to assign a number of people as presenters and then everyone else who attends your Zoom webinar is simply a viewer. It’s actually a bit more complicated than that as viewers can ask questions via the chat mechanisms, and if needed, participants can temporarily be promoted to co-presenters if they need to deliver content to the audience. When we create a virtual conference solution, we often use a combination of Zoom call and Zoom webinar to build a solution that allows greater interaction between delegates and presenters but in a more controlled way that stops delegates just speaking over whever is presenting. A Zoom webinar can be a great assett to your next Virtual conference, but use it wisely.

If you want to know more about how to use Zoom webinar, drop us a message. It might be that a Zoom webinar isn’t what you need for your virtual conference but we have a great deal of experience with zoom webinar and zoom calls to be able to help. Our Zoom webinar blog explains more about why a Zoom webinar might be the answer to your virtual conference needs.